Personal Upkeep: Your responsibility, or his?

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m going to share some of my opinions on a video recently posted by Cardi B in which she states that it’s getting harder for men to maintain women. In the video she goes on and shares some of the prices of things that women like to get done. Hair, feet, nails, etc.

I saw the video, and thought it was hilarious. Because, as a woman, I know that it’s expensive. My friend, and I joke that getting fill ins, and pedicures regularly is a monthly bill. However, we do it because that’s our way of treating ourselves. Work hard, play hard, and look good right? I didn’t think much of it at first, but as I was scrolling down my timeline on Twitter, I noticed that people were really upset. Mainly people who feel that those types of things, are the woman’s responsibility, and not the man’s.

I personally consider myself to be an independent woman. I am in a relationship yes, however I don’t like my boyfriend paying for certain things. Personal upkeep happens to be one of those things! If we are going to get pedicures together, then okay, I may let him pay. But if I’m getting my nails done too, I’ll pay for the nails. I don’t like asking him for aaaaannnyything. He hates it, and it’s something that we’ve had to work on in our relationship. Well really me, working on myself.   Point is, I like to maintain a sense of independence, so I would opt out of my man paying for things like hair, and nails.

On the flip side, there are women who feel like if a man can’t pay for those things, he’s broke. Or trash.

You cannot be upset, that someone else does not want to “maintain” you. These are very personal things. Basic hygiene really. When I think of a guy being able to maintain me, I think of things like buying a house, helping me if my car breaks down, fix broken shit, etc.

Personal upkeep is your own business.


What do you guys think? Should a man pay for those things if he loves his woman?

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